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Paul Macleod

I have been based in the UAE for over 2 decades working as a photographer for private industry and Government departments. My work has taken me to over 75 countries. I have travelled with delegations and have also worked with foundations and the UNWFP shooting various projects.  I can work either a PR or full studio set up. I generally bring the studio to the client to save what is the most precious commodity, my clients time.

Equipment, I use a mix of camera equipment depending on the job. Currently I use Leica, Canon and Sony. I have a lens range from 10mm up to 800mm. I have 2 silent camera bodies for work which needs to be done without sound. Especially prevalent for Government.

My rates are based on a per hour basis for PR photography and on a half/ full day basis for full lighting.

If you have any questions or need some info, I will be very happy to help where I can.

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